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Adult Education

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Listed below are adult Bible lessons by our Assistant Pastor John Doerr.

Deacon John Doerr




Aliens Revisited.pdf

A Bridge to Babylon-NKJV.pdf

Gods Word vs Novena.pdf

Try the Spirits-Novena.pdf

Killing the Prophets.pdf

Remembering the Saints.pdf

Isaiah 28 Precepts">Precept Upon Precept2016.pdf

Repentance and Penance.pdf

Abomination of Desolation.pdf


Is There Oil in Your Lamp-316.pdf

Jonah and the Whale.pdf

The Folly of Biblical Scholarship.pdf

Revelation Explained.pdf


Papal Magick.pdf


The Counter Reformation.pdf

Mark Chapter 16.pdf

The Apostles.pdf

Bible Basics.pdf

The Apocrypha.pdf

Song of Solomon Illustrated.pdf


Song of Solomon Precepts.pdf

Precept Upon Precept.pdf Pdf                                  Precept Upon Precept.pptx Powerpoint Version

Mark 16 ">Mark 16v9-20.pdf Pdf                                              Mark 16 ">Mark 16v9-20.pptx Powerpoint Version

Ships.pdf Pdf                                                                Ships.pptx Powerpoint Version

Understanding the Bible.pdf Pdf                                         Understanding the Bible.pptx Powerpoint Version

AV1611-The True Bible-714.pdf Pdf                                     AV1611-The True Bible-714.pptx Powerpoint Version

Speak I to Them In Parables.pdf Pdf                                 Speak I to Them In Parables.pptx Powerpoint Version

Israel and Egypt.pdf Pdf                                                   Israel and Egypt.pptx Powerpoint Version

Vatican Bible Doctrine.pdf Pdf                                           Vatican Bible Doctrine.pptx Powerpoint Version

Swords.pdf Pdf                                                                 Swords.pptx Powerpoint Version

Wind.pdf Pdf                                                                 Wind.pptx Powerpoint Version

Repentance and Penance.pdf Pdf                                     Repentance and Penance.pptx Powerpoint Version

Rams in God's Word.pdf Pdf                                             Rams in God's Word.pptx Powerpoint Version

Born Again of the Spirit.pdf Pdf                                            Born Again of the Spirit.pptx Powerpoint Version

The Vatican Rapture.pdf Pdf                                           The Vatican Rapture.pptx Powerpoint Version

Messiah Prophecies Unfulfilled.pdf Pdf                          Messiah Prophecies Unfulfilled.pptx Powerpoint Version

AntiChrist Prophecies.pdf Pdf                           AntiChrist Prophecies.pptx Powerpoint Version

Seven Churches of Revelation.pdf Pdf            Seven Churches of Revelation.pptx Powerpoint Version

Dross Removal Systems.pdf Pdf                    Dross Removal Systems.pptx Powerpoint Version

Post Vatican 2 Bible Changes.pdf Pdf                       Post Vatican 2 Bible Changes.pptx Powerpoint Version

When You See the AOD.pdf Pdf                            When You See the AOD.pptx PowerPoint Version

Pastor and the Corrupt Scofield Bible Pdf          Pastor and the Corrupt Scofield Bible.pptx PowerPoint Version

Christ-Like.pdf Pdf                                           Christ-Like.pptx PowerPoint Version

Samson.pdf Pdf                                                  Samson.pptx PowerPoint Version

Jesus Speaks-Fare Ye Well.pdf Pdf                          Jesus Speaks-Fare Ye Well.ppt PowerPoint Version

Jesus Speaks-Hear the Spirit.pdf Pdf                          Jesus Speaks-Hear the Spirit.pptx PowerPoint Version

Pure Words of God.pdf Pdf                           Pure Words of God.pptx PowerPoint Version

Flagons or Vatican Raisin Cakes.pdf Pdf                      Flagons or Vatican Raisin Cakes.pptx PowerPoint Version

Is There Oil in Your Lamp.pdf Pdf                             Is There Oil in Your Lamp.pptx PowerPoint Version

Assay to Prove the Word of God.pdf Pdf                Assay to Prove the Word of God PowerPoint Version

Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-ESV.pdf Pdf                            Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-ESV.pptx PowerPoint Version

Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-NKJV.pdf Pdf                            Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-NKJV.pptx PowerPoint Version

Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-NASB.pdf Pdf                            Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-NASB.pptx PowerPoint Version

Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-NIV.pdf Pdf                            Corrupt NAB Bible of Rome-NIV.pptx PowerPoint Version

Born Again 1-20-13.pdf Pdf                                  Born Again 1-20-13 PowerPoint Version

AV1611 Spiritual Vocabulary-2-5-12.pdf Pdf            AV1611 Spiritual Vocabulary-2-5-12 PowerPoint Version

Apocrypha-12-2-12.pdf Pdf                                  Apocrypha-12-2-12 PowerPoint Version

Wormewood-AOD.pdf Pdf                                   Wormewood-AOD PowerPoint Version

Till She Please-Song of SolomonCh2v7.pdf Pdf       Till She Please-Song of SolomonCh2v7 PowerPoint Version

Parable of Behemoth.pdf Pdf                               Parable of Behemoth PowerPoint Version

Mark of the Beast.pdf Pdf                                   Mark of the Beast PowerPoint Version

Leviathan's Lamps.pdf Pdf                                   Leviathan's Lamps PowerPoint Version

Aliens Revisited.pdf Pdf                                       Aliens Revisited PowerPoint Version

there is he-JobCh39v30.pdf Pdf                           there is he-JobCh39v30 PowerPoint Version

Wolves-12-11-11.pdf Pdf                                    Wolves-12-11-11.pptx PowerPoint Version

Easter.pdf Pdf                                                   Easter.pptx PowerPoint Version

Halloween.pdf Pdf                                              Halloween.pptx PowerPoint Version

Horse-leach.pdf Pdf                                            Horse-leach.pptx PowerPoint Version

Judgement.pdf Pdf                                            Judgement.pptx PowerPoint Version

Noah's Ark.pdf Pdf                                             Noah's Ark.pptx PowerPoint Version

Try the Spirits.pdf Pdf                                        Try the Spirits.pptx PowerPoint Version


If you need a powerpoint viewer you can download it for free from Microsoft by clicking here.

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